The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series-to gain insight and power over your spiritual world.

Master Your Inner World- Embrace Your Power with Joy- Volume 1

Heal Your Soul History- Activate the True Power of Your Shadow- Volume 2

By Tracee Dunblazier

 Are you haunted? Demons know about you. You should know about them.
The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series brings the information that many who suffer spiritual trauma have been waiting for –– and the response has been powerful.
“Tracee Dunblazier is answering a need that those afflicted by negative entities are desperately seeking…”
Brad and Sherry Steiger

Authors of Real Miracles, Divine Intervention, and Feats of Incredible 
and many other books.

For twenty-five years, renown spiritual empath Tracee Dunblazier has helped clients understand and gain power over the spiritual forces, and past life influences, that impact their present lives. In these groundbreaking volumes, she explains past and current-life spiritual trauma, how it affects your present, and how to heal it. She explains the origin of dark forces, how to fight them and the secrets to developing your psychic and spiritual awareness. She also reveals how to uncover the subliminal choices you make that are creating your relationships and dictating how other worldly beings and the dimensions they live in can affect you. Finally, through the tapestry of anecdotes, channelings, and rituals, you will learn how respecting all beings gives you the advantage.

In Master Your Inner World: Embrace Your Power with Joy, Tracee covers many relevant topics such as: Discovering your spirit guides and defining the different types of other dimensional entities while gaining the tools to effectively manage them. You’ll see the spiritual purpose of anger, grief, and depression and how to transform strong emotions. You’ll activate your awareness of the spiritual process by building a home altar. Through this book, you will gain access to a new framework for healing, from the soul to the body in a format that changes your perspective of the underworld and shows you the magnitude of your power in any situation. This book is a game changer for anyone who suffers.

Available Now in Spanish! Domina Tu Mundo Interior- ISBN: 978-0-9963907-3-6

What people are saying…

“An encouraging playbook for would-be demon-slayers.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Any reader who is in desperate need of some slaying or wishing or wants to help someone else slay their inner demons must get their hands on this book ASAP. Whether you start off with an open or closed mind, are at rush or at peace, reading with a light or heavy heart, Tracee’s book will always offer the direction you need in life.”

“I rarely read “self-help” books– The Demon Slayer’s Handbook series has been the exception for me. I hesitate to even call it a “self-help” book. It’s more like reading a story. A whole series of stories really. At times, it will make you laugh out loud! The title of the books may lead some, mistakenly, to think they are full of gloom and doom.  Not so! The books are chock-full of humor…”

Margay E. Albuquerque, NM

“…For years I have struggled with overwhelm, depression and consequences from my volatile emotions. I am also a recovering alcoholic. In Heal Your Soul History (Volume 2), Tracee addresses how to deal with negative emotions and the nature of addiction. I could see how it all overlapped in my life, and I could see how my recovery process mirrored her seven elements of spiritual process. My recovery is ongoing, and her explanation about how it all progresses has really helped me see things in a new light.

Sharon King, Baton Rouge, LA

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The three elements I most enjoyed in Master Your Inner World (Volume One): your use of humor, your openness and your sense of inclusion. What I mean by that, is that for years, I was afraid to even broach the notion of what I knew to be a huge part of me, largely due to my belief that if I was Catholic I could not possibly engage/explore my other worldly beliefs but also largely because of my fears of the darkness. Reading your book not only allowed me to realize that I can readily embrace all aspects of my spirituality but also empowered me to face my fears of the dark and become a slayer!
I use your prayers when I feel the need and even caught a glimpse of a little one who I know has been in my entourage for quite some time, I was just previously too afraid and requested that no one show themselves. This is slowly changing and that in no small way is due to you / your book, so THANK YOU!!!”
Cris B., Vancouver, Canada