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I acquired Tracee’s book without knowing anything about it. I simply wanted to help out a new author and be generous. At the time, I was trying to cope with a toxic and challenging work environment. I had been feeling bad and struggling for over a year and a half.

I found the The Demon Slayer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Mastering Your Inner World Book 1 and met Tracee just as I was beginning to play with changing my “energy”, and I needed suggestions on how to do it.

In The Demon Slayer’s Handbook: Book 1, Tracee explained the concept of demons in a way I could understand, and I could see how shifting my energy could make a big difference in what I was taking in at work. Her practical suggestions about increasing my laughter, setting up an altar, meditating and praying to raise my energy were life-changing.

I especially resonated with the section that talked about listening to five funny videos per day. It really worked! Once I did that and was feeling a little less paralyzed, I took her other suggestion about creating an altar, and I put one right in my office cubicle! When I say it turned things around quickly, I’m not exaggerating. Within a week, I had the energy and desire to completely redecorate my cubicle in bright colors and textures. It felt like home, and people would stop by and comment on how beautiful it was. The very next Friday, I was offered an office with a window. And a month later, they unexpectedly and with no explanation changed my reporting relationship to a new manager who is much easier to please. As I felt better, I got a better attitude and could cope better. And I believe I started attracting better things for myself as I started to be more positive. Quite simply, Tracee’s book helped me change my life for the better.

Book 2: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing and Unconditional Love
For years I have struggled with overwhelm, depression and consequences from my volatile emotions. I am also a recovering alcoholic. In The Demon Slayer’s Handbook: Book 2, Tracee addresses how to deal with negative emotions and the nature of addiction. I could see how it all overlapped in my life, and I could see how my recovery process mirrored her seven elements of spiritual process.

My recovery is ongoing, and her explanation about how it all progresses has really helped me see things in a new light. For instance, in one example, she mentions that she was in danger of being mugged but she would not allow that to happen to her. I have used that technique several times in the last couple of months when I was paralyzed by fright. I started to feel afraid that I would lose my job in a layoff due to some state budget issues. I started to feel fearful, scared and desperate. Then I remembered what Tracee said, and I made up my mind that I would not allow that to happen with me. Instead I’m choosing that I will only leave if I find something else that I love to do. I feel so much better and have actually been sleeping well and feeling joyful during this time. I have the energy to look for a position that will make me happy and be choosy instead of desperate. That single change of perspective has made a huge difference in my life.

My favorite thing about The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series? I love Tracee’s stories. I can relate to all of the journeys written about, at some level. The stories make the books really easy to read and interesting. But, Tracee’s ability to provide practical, effective tools to navigate complex issues is astounding. I’ve read many self-help books but they are so much theory.

I can pick up one of Tracee’s books to read a single page and come across useful information that will help me in that instant. I’m still working on Book 2. It’s a lot to digest, but I’m so glad I found Tracee. Demons don’t stand a chance around me now!

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I rarely read self-help books and when I do, I almost never finish them because: 1) I often find them lifeless, dry and clinical and I’m usually bored by the second chapter, 2) they tend to promote big wonderful-sounding goals without providing any concrete steps to achieve them and 3.) (the biggie for me) I often end feeling worse about myself after reading them than I did before. Talk about defeating the purpose.

The Demon Slayer’s Handbook series has been the exception for me. I hesitate to even call it a self-help book. It feels more like reading a story. A whole series of stories really. These are just a few of the things I really liked and received from working with the books.

The Demon Slayer’s Handbook series:

  1. Provided realistic goals along with detailed tools and steps for achieving spiritual transformation. From simple awareness exercises to creating meaningful altars, these tools are practical and easily implemented into my daily routine.
  2. Gifted me with memorable parables and beautiful artwork to help visualize and assimilate the information and how it applies to my physical, emotional and spiritual world.
  3. Includes blocked, highlighted epigraphs, which I refer to as little jewels or nuggets of wisdom. These are easily located throughout the books and personify the theme of each chapter and amplify the ideas to be focused on. Whenever I’m time-crunched or don’t feel like reading a full chapter, I can simply skim through the book and quickly latch on to a few jewels to carry with me throughout my day.
  4. Will make you laugh out loud! The title of the books may lead some, mistakenly, to think they are full of gloom and doom. Not so! The books are chock-full of humor. In fact, Book 1, Chapter 1 ends with an epigraph entitled “Making the Most of your Humor” and offers this nugget of wisdom:


Even if you are not in a place to find things funny, or even if you are surrounded by a bunch of sad sacks … now is the time to take the comedy reins. Research proves the pathetic finding that children laugh three hundred to four hundred times a day versus adults who only laugh about fifteen times. … We know that our responses follow our thoughts, our thoughts follow our emotions, and our emotions follow our spirit. Creating a slight shift in perspective on any one of these levels will create change in all of them.


That’s powerful, good stuff!

Margay E.


Do Some Religions Prohibit Spiritual Understanding and Exploration?

Hi Tracee,
     I really enjoyed The Demon Slayer’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Mastering Your Inner World, Book One. I most appreciated your use of humor, your openness and your sense of inclusion. What I mean by that, is that for years, I was afraid to even broach the notion of what I knew to be a huge part of me, largely due to my belief that if I was Catholic I could not possibly engage / explore my other worldly beliefs but also largely because of my fears of the darkness.
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